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Swift Services

Swift Street Valet provides experienced Valet Parking Attendants for your:

 - Restaurants      

 - Hotels                

 - Private Events  

Fully insured with incredible rates, use Swift Street Valet to add value to your venue and a smooth overall experience for your guests.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

young and beautiful woman take the key from valet to drive her car.jpg


Swift Street Valet

Parking Attendants

pride ourselves on

delivering a

seamless guest

experience; we

are their first and

last interaction

with your Hotel or


Swift Street Valet Parking Attendants come ready to impress in the following attire: black pants with branded black vest, white collared shirt with a black bowtie and, branded black jacket in the winter. We are also happy

to don any uniforms branded with your company logo.  

Restaurants and Clubs

Restaurants & Night Clubs.

Group of young female friends having fun in restaurant, talking and laughing while dining


Let your guests

avoid the stress of

finding parking. 

From vehicle to

table, a luxury



We take care of

the car, while they

enjoy a magical



Events and Private Functions


Whether it be your

special day, an 

important gala or

a private party,

let Swift Street

Valet handle

all your parking

needs. With our

extensive parking

experience, we'll 

Identify the smoothest, most streamlined vehicle flow to minimize arrival delays, and expedite departures. 

Call us for a complimentary quote. 

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Swift Stats
About Us

About the Company!

Swift Street Valet is a locally owned and operated business based in Victoria, BC. Founded in 2021, our team is passionate about delivering a seamless and memorable guest experience. With years of experience in parking management, we have honed our skills to identify the smoothest and most streamlined vehicle flow to minimize arrival delays and expedite departures.

Swift Stats!

According to the 2017 study: "The Impact of Parking Pain in the US, UK and Germany", conducted by INRIX, more than 40% of US drivers claim to have avoided visiting businesses with poor parking. (1) 

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